Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Social Responsibility

At SIL, we strongly believe that social development of communities, customers, employees and shareholders is our corporate responsibility. SIL is determined to strive as a role model in the area of socio communal development. Our CSR is classified into the following categories;

Ch. Nazar Mohammad & Mohammad Husain Memorial Society Hospital – This project features an 8 bed comprehensive, well equipped hospital in Gandhra, Gujrat. It also includes fully functional facilities like Operation Theatre, Laboratory, X-Ray and Ultrasound. Approximately 26,517 patients were treated in the year 2013 alone at the hospital which offers free surgical care to the patients residing in Gandhara and its neighboring villages.

Service Free Dispensary – Located in Gujrat, this dispensary has been set up especially for patients with low incomes, who can get medicines and consultation through the dispensary for free. This dispensary also includes fully functional and free services of Ultrasound, X-ray and Laboratory. Approximately 44,035 patients received free medication and consultation in the year 2013 alone.

Dar-ul-Kafala – Located in Lahore, this exclusive multi-residence housing facility aims to provide shelter to the homeless senior citizens of the city and its suburbs. The cohesive project provides recreational activities, event and gatherings, basic health care and meals.

Service High School for Boys, Gujrat – Established in Gujrat, this school serves as an educational institute for the underprivileged students in the area. Currently, a total of 250 students are enrolled in the school.

Bagh-e-Rehmat – Set up in Lahore, this educational institute offers both primary and secondary education options for under privileged boys and girls. More than 380 students are receiving education from this institute.