Factory Operations

Production Planning

Production planning team at SIL is responsible for managing the entire team according to the market needs and urgencies put forth by our valuable domestic  and export clients.

SIL’s Industrial Engineering division is vital in executing things in a better, faster, economical and safe manner. By adhering to ISO Standards, improving quality, increasing efficiencies and implementing JIT, we ensure that all the processes from start to the finish of the product till delivery, are done flawlessly.

SIL’s Operations division oversees design and control of the product process as well as redesign of business operations, in the production of goods or services. The division is vital in increasing value of the business, securing income and satisfying clients with quality products.

At every stage of the manufacturing process of tyres starting from the raw material processing, compounding and mixing, component preparation through calendaring, extrusion and bead building, assembling all the components for tyre building (TBM) in a fully automated environment and curing for final shaping of the product, the Operations division vigilantly monitors each and every process in order to ensure a perfect finish.

After the curing process, the tyre goes through the Uniformity Measurement Test that indicates the tyre is automatically mounted on wheel halves, inflated, run against a simulated road surface and measured for force variation. Tyre balance measurement is also tested during which the tyre is automatically placed on wheel halves, rotated at a high speed and measured for imbalance.

Tyres are also inspected by X-ray machines that can penetrate the rubber to analyze the steel cord structure. In the final step, tyres are inspected by human eyes for numerous visual defects such as incomplete mold fill, exposed cords, blisters, blemishes and others.

Having a no compromise attitude towards quality of the product produced by SIL, the Quality Assurance team of professional visual inspectors and automated inspection machines detect the slightest defect on the final product. The quality test laboratories at SIL are structured to ensure quality of the manufactured products.

Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art quality test equipment for assurance of product quality. Inspection does not just stop at the surface and is done at an internal level too.

Tyres are also inspected from the production line and laser technology to detect any hidden weaknesses or internal failures.

In addition, quality control engineers regularly perform cut sections and study details of the tyre construction that affects performance, ride or safety.

Every finished tyre comes with unique barcodes through which the company can perform backward tracing along every step of the manufacturing process for quick response and accordingly provide precise solutions when an issue is spotted.


Quality Control & Assurance