Other Areas

Employment of Females and Special Persons

We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage employment of women and people with special needs in our work environment many of whom are working in different departments. Moreover, a separate production line in Gujrat factory is managed by females and a new line for females has been started in Muridke.

Occupational Safety and Health

Our procedures have been gauged to provide a safe, clean, injury and illness-free environment to our employees. Also the staff is provided with the genuine and most modern protective gear, which is required to be worn as mandatory when performing any such job responsibility.

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Measures

We are known for adhering to the highest principles of business ethics. We have a commitment of conducting our business with honesty and integrity and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. These principles are inculcated into our work philosophy so that every employee can associate with it at which ever positions they are serving. This is the reason each year all the employees and directors of the company sign a Statement of Ethics & Business Practices.

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Measures

At SIL, we fully understand our responsibility towards the environment and climatic conditions. Therefore, we have adopted the following measures to protect our environment:

  • Low pollution procedures
  • Proper treatment and disposal of waste
  • Usage of LED and energy saver bulbs
  • Utilization of natural light wherever and whenever possible
  • Switching off ACs and other electrical appliances during lunch hours